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Kiran is a distinguished Engineering graduate from M.I.T.  He comes with a rich experience of having worked at Infosys, India’s No 1 Software Services Company and having managed large Enterprise level programs for Infosys clients during his 18+ years of Global IT experience in USA, UK and India.  Having worked at the Retail Center of Excellence at Infosys, Kiran’s domain knowledge and his ability to connect with the customers’ needs have helped the BizOps Software Suite (BOSS) penetrate across a wide range of Retail businesses.


Saumya is a distinguished engineering graduate from M.I.T with a rich technical work experience of 18+ years at companies like US Technology Resources, Diya Systems, SLK Software etc… across the globe, including in the USA with some of the Fortune 500 clients in Energy, Logistics and Travel sectors.

Her technical expertise combined with her never-say-can’t attitude has seen the BizOps Software Suite(BOSS) add many innovative features and processes. She was among the first few to have conceptualized and launched a retail software solution comprising Point of Sale, Inventory and Analytics hosted on the cloud way back in 2010!