Payroll Solution

Pay your staff on time, every time




  • Employee Profile Management
  • Attendance / Leave Management
  • Time Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Reports
  • Configuration and set up


  • Manage Departments, Designations, System users and their roles.
  • Manage Employee information such as personal information, salary details, department, designation, blood group, emergency contact details etc..
  • Define Organization’s holiday calendar.
  • Define any number of Leave types such as Earned leave, Sick leave, LOP etc… and Leave Carry Forward rules such as lapse, encash etc.
  • Define and maintain any number of batches and shifts for the employees and assign employees to batches/shifts.
  • Employee shift swapping.
  • OT and UT monitoring and on-duty travel assignments maintenance
  • Define any number of salary heads and details such as Basic Pay, PF, ESI, HRA, DA etc.
  • Salary loan disbursement and recovery thru monthly installments
  • Generate Pay Slip for the month for an employee considering the attendance, loans and any other criteria
  • Generate detailed reports such as Employee attendance report, shift details, time-in and time-out log, overtime report, Leave report, Muster Roll, PF joining report, PF Statement.
  • Report, ESI Statement report and many more.
  • Generate reports as required by the labour department.
  • Generate PF and ESI submission files

Pilferage Prevention Solution
Pilferage Prevention Solution for 

  • Cafeterias
  • Cash Disbursement points
  • Any other place requiring authentication

Integrated Biometric-Based Security
We offer hardware security devices that directly integrate with PayTime, such as 

  • Fingerprint based reader
  • Face Recognition based reader
  • Iris Recognition based reader
  • RF Card based readers and much more…



“PAYTIME” is a simple yet effective and easy to use application, designed and developed to handle your specific Payroll needs.  It also supports attendance capture using biometric or RFID based devices.  PayTime could be customized to suit your detailed business requirements with zero compromises on functionalities while maintaining the highest standard of quality.  PayTime also comes with several useful add-on features that can be used for pilferage prevention at your work place.



  • A completely OS independent system designed on Open Source technology
  • Integrated with Biometric devices for Attendance Management
  • One stop for Employee Personal Information Management
  • Salary Definition & Split Ups
  • Salary Advances Management
  • Employee Loans & Recovery
  • PF & ESI Uploads
  • Payroll/Salary Slip Generation & Disbursement

Biometric-Based Security Solution For Pilferage Prevention